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Naturaleza Muerta
Dead Nature

In this portfolio I explore the tension between opposites, a recurring theme in my work. I place things that do not go together but, by their opposition, create an appropriate balance, the equilibrium of opposites. It is also a statement about the quality of food that is available and that many people consume.

The title "Dead Nature" also present that contradiction: on the one hand, "Nature" is the essence, force and particular characteristic of every being, the individual source. On the other hand "Dead" implies lifelessness, the faded, the withered.

I was working on this series when I became ill in the fall of 1994. I had to abandon my artwork and focus on getting better. I had to leave the darkroom, recover and then start to rebuild my studio using digital technology. In the late 1990´s digital technology was new and the means to do quality printing was practically non-existent. Naturaleza Muerta (Dead Nature) was the one of the first bodies of work that I printed once the new technology became available. The original prints are rendered using K7 Piezography inks.